Privacy Policy
The purpose of this website is to provide Networking capability for your company. Therefore, your company information, company name and contact information will be available for all members to see. Your profile information will be Kept secure using Microsoft Identity login cyber security. There is only one requirement to join this network; A valid email address is required, so we will send you a confirmation email once you registered. The network is built using Azure Cloud computing; Software As A Server (SaaS) with Identity log in, Which uniquely identify each user and their data and activity to guarantee cyber compliance, and FEDRAMP Compliance. The vendor profile can only be seen or modified by the profile creator with the correct password. Other vendor information such as the "About Vendor", "Vendor Core Competencies”, "Vendor Key Words" etc... Will be available for all register users to view only. This website is being built with the latest Cyber Security in Azure including Multi-factor Authentication. However, uses are responsible for keeping their user name and password secure.

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